Bryan Buggey

Acting CEO

Bryan is a senior executive with more than three decades of experience as a business leader in entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation, management consulting, and economic development.  Bryan has work experience in both the Global 100 environments along with many years in the start-up scene both as a start-up entrepreneur and preparing companies to scale.  Bryan also has more than a decade of public sector experience working primarily in the City building context.

Since 2010, Bryan has been responsible for economic and business development at the City of Vancouver’s Economic Commission.  In his role as Director, he has been leading teams in charge of projects and programs aimed at supporting the Vancouver business ecosystem move towards a knowledge-based, low-carbon, circular economy.  Bryan has also been heading up the sector development team that focuses on foreign investment, trade and local business growth primarily in the green economy sectors (including cleantech), technology, innovation and digital entertainment industries.

Bryan is actively involved in the City’s Greenest City Action Plan, Renewable City 2050, Zero-waste 2040, Digital Strategy, and Smart City initiatives and brings the economic development and business opportunity lens to the conversations around public policy development.  From this involvement, Bryan is able to direct the development of programs and projects that support local innovators and businesses in making an impact in the local economy as well as promote Vancouver to a global audience of potential business investors in the knowledge-based, low carbon economy.

Prior to joining the VEC, Bryan was an IBM Business Partner engaged in working with Cities in Canada and the US to better understand their environmental footprint from municipal assets and infrastructure and design technology solutions to help mitigate those impacts.  It was during these years that Bryan really began to grasp the potential and the necessity of the so-called Green Economy.  Prior to that Bryan worked in the technology and innovation sectors for both large global enterprises and local technology companies in leadership positions where he gained strong experience in project management, sales, business development and venture capital.

Bryan has an undergraduate degree in Economics (Regional Economic Development), an MBA in IT Strategy and is also a graduate of UBC’s Summer Institute for Sustainability.  In 2017, Bryan was awarded the pan-Canadian Clean 50 Award for his leadership in green and sustainable economic development.

Bryan believes that the transformation of the local economy to a low-carbon, circular future is underway and is a tremendous economic opportunity for the City and region.

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Executive Assistant to CEO,
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