Green & Digital Demonstration Program

Vancouver Economic Commission - Green and Digital Demonstration Program


The Green and Digital Demonstration Program (GDDP) provides support to entrepreneurs and start-ups in Vancouver’s clean technology and digital sectors. Selected participants in the program gain temporary access to City-owned assets (e.g. buildings, streets or vehicles) for technology demonstrations and proof-of-concept trials.

The program is delivered by the Vancouver Economic Commission and the City of Vancouver to accelerate the pace of innovation, commercialization and job growth. Participating entrepreneurs will be able to leverage their demonstration site and use the City as a reference when marketing their products and services around the world. Selected participants will also benefit from Vancouver’s brand cachet: a brand that is bound to a reputation of excellence in innovation, sustainability and creativity.


How it Works

As the agency responsible for managing the GDDP, VEC will collect and screen applications, monitor and report on progress and communicate the stories of Vancouver entrepreneurs. The City of Vancouver will provide access to City assets (e.g. buildings, streets, vehicles, structures, utilities, information technology systems, equipment).

Green and Digital Demonstration Program (GDDP)

The range of possible projects is wide, and could include the use of locally-recycled grease processed into bio-fuel for City vehicles; locally-created software tracking real-time energy use in City buildings; or City-owned light poles for the attachment of parking spot availability indicators.

Please note that this program is not a sales opportunity or a pathway to City procurement. Any eventual procurement would occur only pursuant to the normal process established by the law and City policy, including the detailed procedures set out in the Council-approved Procurement Policy.


Roles and Responsibilities

GDDP Participant

  • Bear direct or incremental costs associated with project
  • Provide all project data and metrics, including environmental benefits to City and the VEC
  • Satisfy all legal and administrative requirements


  • Manage intake of applications and screening process
  • Monitor and report outcomes, and track metrics (environmental and jobs-related)
  • Promote successful project outcomes through communications activities including social media, traditional media, and organizing site visits for incoming delegations and potential customers

The City

  • Conduct feasibility assessment and evaluate applications
  • Endeavour to bring about the commencement of each approved GDDP installation or project within three months from the time of the applicant’s initial referral to the City by the VEC
  • Execute legal agreement with participants
  • Provide in-kind support including staff time required to manage project

For a more detailed outline of roles and responsibilities, please see the Council report Appendix A here.


Interested in Applying?

The call for applications for the winter cohort will open September 30th. Check back soon for more information on when the VEC will accept applications for the winter cohort. In the meantime, you may refer to the program’s acceptance criteria and selection process below to determine your eligibility.


Selection Process

      1. VEC will filter applications using the identified acceptance criteria.
      2. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their proposals to senior city staff (GDDP steering committee). Only a limited number of top-ranked applicants will be selected.
      3. Conditional approval will be given by the steering committee to the selected top-ranked projects, with final approval subject to the following requirements:
        • Signed legal agreement
        • Implementation plan and timeline
        • Possession of general liability insurance
        • Be in good standing with provincial government’s registrar office
        • Have up-to-date City of Vancouver business license
      4. Only after all necessary conditions have been met, can a project be launched **


*VEC will endeavor to let each application know within one month of the application deadline whether or not VEC will refer the application to the City. Only applications which are determined to be feasible and legal and pose no significant risks to the City or the public will be permitted to proceed by the City. 

**The City retains discretion over its consideration of applications and will determine which projects to pursue, and the VEC is unable to make any promises or representations on behalf of the City. The City and the VEC shall endeavour to bring about the commencement of each approved GDDP installation or project within three months from the time of referral by VEC to the City.


For more information, please contact John McPherson via email or telephone (604.336.8026)