Our Team

Eleena Marley

Acting CEO

Eleena is responsible for leading the Vancouver Economic Commission to deliver its mission to build a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient economy for Vancouver, in collaboration with all levels of government and the business community. Eleena’s focus is to build a high-performing team to deliver targeted strategic programs and initiatives against a clear mandate, whilst deepening relationships with strategic partners and funders.

Ahead of recruiting a permanent CEO, the City of Vancouver seconded Eleena into the role of CEO.  Eleena has 20 years of experience as a strategic business advisor, having worked in both the public and private sectors in Canada and across the UK.  Eleena has provided professional business advisory services including strategic business reviews, large-scale infrastructure investment programs and strategic performance improvement initiatives to various levels of governments and private sector organisations. More recently, Eleena has worked in the City of Vancouver’s Business Planning and Project Support team delivering strategic business advisory services to cross-departmental projects and managing prioritised strategic business relationships on behalf of the city.