GDDP Participant awarded $10,000 for Top Prize in City Innovation

Logo for GDDP Participant awarded $10,000 for Top Prize in City Innovation

The Vancouver Economic Commission is accepting applications for the next cohort of the Green & Digital Demonstration Program (GDDP) until November 6.

The GDDP provides local startups and companies with the opportunity to use City-owned assets, staff and infrastructure for demonstrating fully-developed prototypes of green and digital solutions.

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GDDP Applicant awarded with $10,000 for Top Prize in City Innovation

The Vancouver Economic Commission was happy to sponsor the New Ventures BC City Innovation Prize, to be awarded to the top performing venture with a primary market, or potential primary market, of city departments and/or agencies.

We are therefore doubly proud of GDDP participant Sensible Building Science for taking home the $10,000 cash prize for their smart building analytics, brilliantly conceived and developed product.


About Sensible Building Science

Sensible Building Science optimises building controls by using occupancy analytics to program heating, cooling and other utilities behaviour. By analysing data available through IT networking, it aims to create smarter buildings that improve the comfort of inhabitants and visitors.

“We’re using the Wi-Fi access points as a sensor network. The solution tells you when people are coming, when people are leaving the space… Wi-Fi analytical systems have not in the past talked to building control systems, and that in itself is a breakthrough to help buildings become much more responsive and intelligent to occupant needs.”

The prototype was developed in partnership with Cisco Systems, who supplied the capacity to accurately detect and locate each user. The IT team at the University of British Columbia (UBC) were able to assist in developing a simple pilot program, and it was subsequently installed for demonstration by UBC Energy and Water Services.

UBC, which has some of the most ambitious climate targets of any public organization in the world, reported that the prototype immediately demonstrated energy savings of 5 per cent – an outcome that can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of savings per annum.


Learn more about the UBC case study and what Sensible Building Science has already achieved.

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