ere's Why You Need to Download the Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide

Here’s Why You Need to Download the Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide

From biotech firm AbCellera’s historic IPO to Salesforce acquiring communications platform Slack and e-commerce startup Mobify, to Silicon Valley Bank’s strategic expansion to Vancouver, the technology ecosystem along Canada’s West Coast is swiftly attracting global attention.

Whether seeking fresh investment opportunities, a diversified portfolio or low operating costs and taxes, it’s time for US investors to cast their attention across the border – and the first step is downloading the Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide. As you expand your assets to Canada, the Guide will serve as a comprehensive overview of legal and tax considerations, incentives and credits, and enticing opportunities up north.

Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide

In this guide

  • An in-depth overview of the legal and tax considerations of investing in Vancouver, Canada
  • Key incentives and tax credits that support investment success
  • Snapshots of Vancouver’s historical investment activity and the advantages of its innovation ecosystem

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A pioneering city capturing global attention

US investors collectively account for the greatest share of private capital in Vancouver’s innovation economy – and it’s no wonder, with the city’s thriving tech sector and startup ecosystem capturing attention worldwide. Vancouver’s strong talent base, leading academic and research institutions, and proven ability of startups to rapidly develop IP and build relationships with buyers coalesce in an enviable region where innovative ideas consistently lead to pioneering solutions. Plus, the city’s proximity to Silicon Valley and major tech hubs along the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, as well as ready access to financial centres in Asia Pacific, are a compelling motivation for investors and startups seeking entrances to global markets.

“Vancouver is a hotbed of new and creative thinking, where values-driven entrepreneurs create enviable investment options to tackle global challenges,” says Joel Solomon, pioneering US investor who is now based in Vancouver. “Despite the number of investors, such as myself, who have trained their eyes on Vancouver, the city’s potential is still barely realized.”

An exciting city for corporations and startups

Canada is particularly appealing to foreign investors, with some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies expanding existing operations or establishing new R&D hubs in the country – in fact, foreign direct investment in 2019 was 42.5 percent higher than the previous 10-year average. Among many reasons investors gravitate to Canada is world-leading air transport and coastal port infrastructure; a strong regulatory banking framework; welcoming immigration policies; political stability; protection of minority investors; and low business costs for R&D-intensive sectors.

Over the years, Vancouver has quietly attracted the attention of US and international firms eager to tap into the city’s explosive technology sector. Major companies like Microsoft Corp., Sony Pictures Imageworks and Shopify already call Vancouver home, while Amazon is preparing to move into a sprawling 1.1-million-square-foot space in the downtown core. Startups are garnering just as much, if not more, attention, including AbCellera, which made a spectacular stock market debut after its therapeutic antibodies were used to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Slack – which was born from angel funding in 2009 – recently announced acquisition by Salesforce for $27.7 billion; Salesforce also acquired Vancouver-born Mobify, a web storefront used by global brands like Under Armour and Shiseido. In October 2020, Silicon Valley Bank expanded to Vancouver, following announcement of $555 million of venture capital invested in BC-based companies during the first six months of the year.

A guide to invest in a promising region

Whether investing in Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada, US investors will find a comprehensive overview in the Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide. Here, legal considerations are meticulously discussed, as are common investment structures for minority investments; taxation considerations, including regulations and tax relief programs; options for government support, including incentives and tax credits; a side-by-side comparison of US and Canada’s R&D tax credits; and historic investment activity and trends in Vancouver, among other need-to-know elements.

Ready to invest in Vancouver and Canada? Get started by downloading the Vancouver Cross-Border Investment Guide.