Vancouver Economic Commission invites you to join a group of False Creek Flats businesses that are cutting costs by cutting carbon.


As part of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) is supporting the shift to a greener, more innovative and more economically sustainable future for the False Creek Flats. Businesses operating in the Flats will be key partners in leading this shift.

The VEC is inviting businesses in the Flats to participate in the Climate Smart program: helping businesses to improve their energy, water and waste footprints while reducing associated costs. The Climate Smart program consists of small group training sessions, expert one-on-one advising, and customized reporting and analysis on emissions and cost savings.

This partnership between Climate Smart and the Vancouver Economic Commission will also contribute to

  • Developing a Flats Fund for supporting innovative green business in the area
  • Identifying opportunities to demonstrate local clean technologies
  • Outlining possible policy directions for helping businesses transition to more sustainable business models
  • Educating fellow industrial business owners on the opportunities associated with “going green”

For more information on the specifics of the program, visit

Climate Smart 2015 Vancouver Economic Commission Cut Carbon. Cut Costs. Climate Smart and The Vancouver Economic Commission are helping businesses in the False Creek flats reduce GHG. BC Hydro is a funding partner in the Flats Climate Action Program



Program Summary

Climate Smart is a comprehensive professional development and training program


The False Creek Flats Climate Action Program is a partnership between the Vancouver Economic Commission and Climate Smart aimed at helping Flats businesses reduce their carbon emissions while simultaneously cutting down on waste and associated costs.



Climate Smart is a comprehensive professional development and training program that includes the following:

  • A series of three interactive half-day training sessions
  • Access to a top-rated, web-based GHG management application
  • One-on-one advising


Overview and Benefits

Climate Smart is a comprehensive professional development and training program that provides many benefits


Inner city industrial areas are home to a large concentration of aging industrial buildings, large heating and cooling systems for food processing and distribution, as well as large building footprints and flat roofs. As highly visible and energy-hungry areas, they are ripe for energy retrofit projects that feature emerging clean technologies, innovative financing models, and distributed renewable energy systems.Business operations in the Flats are responsible for approximately 60,000 tons of GHG emissions, and we would love to help reduce this number.


  • Accurate, actionable data to inform cost savings
  • Brand lift and competitive advantage
  • Climate leadership & employee engagement
  • Competency development
  • Easy-to-use online GHG management tool
  • Access to growing network of Climate Smart businesses
  • Assistance navigating and accessing utility incentives and rebates
  • Connect with other False Creek Flats initiatives

Dates for the Winter Cohort

  • Session 1: Tuesday, November 28th: 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • Session 2: Tuesday, January 23rd: 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday, February 20th: 8:30am to 12:30pm



Vancouver Economic Commission, Boardroom
#1500 – 401 West Georgia Street, Vancouver



Case Studies

Read about successful Climate Smart graduates.

Aggressive Tube Bending
View the Case Study

Food Processing + Distribution
View the Case Study

Pacific Blue Cross
Life Sciences
View the Case Study

Penfolds Roofing and Solar
False Creek Flats, Fleet Conversion
View the Case Study

Recycling Alternative
False Creek Flats
View the Case Study

Met Fine Printers
False Creek Flats, Brand Lift
View the Case Study

Fuel Savings, Scholarship/Sponsorship
View the Case Study


The businesses listed below are Climate Smart certified and have offered to be references.

They can attest to the value of taking part in Climate Smart and are happy to speak with you about their experience.


Bernhard Rubbelt
False Creek Collision

Peter Diesing
Aggressive Tube Bending
General Manager
 AggressiveTubBending Jonathan Meads
Concert Properties
Project Manager
Morten Schroder
Van Houtte Coffee Services
VP Operations
 VanHoute Andrew Knowles
STEMCELL Technologies
VP, Supply Chain Operations
 STEMCELLTechnologies Chris Helgason
Gourmet Baker
Engineering & Maintenance Mgr
 Guy Dean
Albion Fisheries
VP Import/Export
Albion Herman Poon
T&T Supermarket
 TandT Natasha Stolyar
Alpha Aviation Inc
Airport Admin and Customer Service






12 False Creek Flats companies certified to date

af-logo-e1381443704340 AXEL BelPacific-Logo
2765logo DYSCO-LOGO-WEB esptec-logo
image-logo@2x RyKNgQas pen-fold-roofing
RM_Logo_VERT_4C 300px-STEMCELL_Technologies_logo Web is a ClimateSmart certified