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The Green and Digital Demonstration Program (GDDP) provides access to City of Vancouver assets and infrastructure (i.e. buildings, streets, vehicles, digital infrastructure) for product testing and showcase opportunities, as well as critical follow-on connections and business expansion support from VEC staff. VEC delivers GDDP in collaboration with the City of Vancouver and with support from our corporate partner, TD ​Bank Group through its corporate citizenship platform The Ready Commitment.


GDDP enables its participants to do the following:

  • Refine technology/solutions
  • Accelerate the commercialize of their technology
  • Attract investment
  • Gain traction and sales in the marketplace
  • Leverage the City’s $31 billion green and innovative brand

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Since its launch in 2014, GDDP has been making an impact in the start-up ecosystem. Watch the video above to learn more about how current participants are taking full advantage of the program as well as the City’s resources and support.

“If you’re fixing an old problem in a new way, nobody wants to be the first, even if you’re outperforming the status quo. The GDDP will help you bring your product to a real civic playing field, and get you working one-on-one with the city”

Jason Harmer, CEO of Crew Driver

The Vancouver Economic Commission has designed the GDDP to support your product demonstration and promotion efforts. Read the step-by-step breakdown on what to expect during the process, from submitting your application to deployment. Be sure to check out the list of available city assets that successful applicants gain access to.

How It Works
Discover the process behind the GDDP.

“Using TSO Logic’s software, IT executives at the City now have an increased understanding of server utilization and computing resources, which will help them reduce harmful emissions and better align themselves with the Greenest City initiative”

Albert Chow, IT Manager

Successful GDDP applicants are innovators who are seeking proof-of-concept trials or showcasing opportunities. We encourage prospective candidates to carefully review the acceptance criteria as only a limited number of top-ranked applicants will be approved. Please be advised that the products accepted must be viable for testing on available City-owned assets.

Acceptance Criteria
Learn what it takes to be a successful GDDP candidate.

Reviewing these supporting documents will assist ensuring your application for the GDDP is as strong as possible. The reports included in this section have been useful for past GDDP applicants. They feature cleantech funding opportunities, City of Vancouver policies and past reports on former GDDP projects.

Supporting Information
Look for detailed information on the GDDP here.

“The GDDP will provide us with feedback from 30 CoV professionals who will use our LoopShare service on daily basis. This valuable feedback would be utilized to strengthen our offering and become the best-in-class of electric scooter sharing technology worldwide”.

Anwar, CEO of LoopShare

From quantum dot lights to automated staff booking software, the GDDP has facilitated a variety of innovative projects across a wide range of city assets.

GDDP Participants
Meet the GDDP Innovators

The Green and Digital Demonstration Program allows entrepreneurs and companies to pilot, test, demonstrate, or showcase their innovation by leveraging City-owned assets or infrastructure.

Interested in applying?

Applications are closed
We are not accepting applications at this time.

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