A Look Into the GDDP

Since its launch in 2014, GDDP has made an impact in the start-up ecosystem.
Here’s what current participants have to say:


GDDP Fall 2016 Cohort

Announcing the shortlisted GDDP Fall 2016 Applicants


View Glass | Website

Dynamic ‘electrochromic’ glass that changes tint on demand, providing control over light and heat
entering buildings

Dynamic electrochromic façades change tint between clear and dark on demand, providing unprecedented control over the amount of light and heat that enter a building. This dynamic control results in reduced energy consumption, reduced peak load & HVAC equipment downsizing, and the elimination of blinds and shades which provide unobstructed views, an increase in natural daylight and improved occupant comfort as well as productivity.



Solar Earth Technologies | Website

Solar road modules – paving road surfaces with load-bearing photovoltaic materials to produce electricity

The AMBER series solar roads modules are patent-pending technology based solar modules dedicated to paving road surfaces with photovoltaic materials to produce clean electricity in a distributed manner. Solar cells are encapsulated in thin, high-transparency, load-bearing, anti-skidding, and shade-isolating modules which are designed to be water- and fire-proof and are adaptive to a wide spectrum of operation environments. Peak efficiency operates at 100w per square meter. The AMBER product series is also equipped with smart-road features such as lighting, sensors, and networking.



Nano-Lit Technologies | Website

Smart diffuser panel with embedded ‘quantum dots’ that tunes colour and brightness of light to emulate nature shifts in daylight

Smart Diffuser (TM) that can be retro-fitted into existing light fixtures to tune and shift the colour and brightness of light in real-time. It can automatically follow the cycle of the sun, or be used to support shift workers when working through the night, assisting them to focus, reduce fatigue and improve employee well-being.



Portable Electric | Website

Renewable power stations, lithium-ion battery banks, to replace fossil fuel generators

Portable Electric has transformed the power rental market, making clean energy available to anyone who wants to rent it for their film set, event, festival, trailer, etc. Portable Electric has powered over 40 events in the Vancouver region, and is making a real difference in cutting GHG and toxic emissions, as well as cutting noise to zero, and furthering Vancouver’s 2020 goals. All units are modular, wireless, and noise and emission-free.