Learn How To Invest In Vancouver’s Growing Green Buildings Market

Metro Vancouver’s green buildings sector is undergoing a huge transformation.


Demand Made Easy

Backed by VEC’s 2019 market forecasts, our green building demand forecasting tool shows you exactly what products will be in demand and when, so can you make informed sales and investment decisions. Our Green Buildings Market Forecast explains how local green building policies have impacted demand for the following product categories:

Fenestration Products

Insulation Products

Heat Recovery Ventilators

HVAC Equipment

Domestic Hot Water

Drain Water Heat Recovery


Helping Local Manufacturers and Global Investors

The building demand forecast tool will help local manufacturers transition and innovate within their production lines, as well as help global investors fill key market gaps where no Canadian capacity exists.


Built by Experts, Built by OPEN

OPEN specializes in building software tools that promote the market adoption of high performance products and best practices in energy management. Leveraging the VEC’s Green Buildings Market Forecast, OPEN is bringing our market demand data to life.

An Ecosystem-wide Partnership

This tool has been collaboratively developed with funding from the Vancouver Economic Commission, the City of Vancouver, Vancity Community Credit Union, and the Real Estate Foundation of BC, with technical input from ZEBx and the Canada Green Building Council.