Vancouver's Greenest City Action Plan

Greenest City Action Plan

In 2011, Vancouver adopted the goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020.

The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan (GCAP) aims to prepare Vancouver for the potential impacts of climate change, while building a vibrant community, a thriving green economy, and a greener, healthier city. Hundreds of projects across the city are reducing energy use, supporting alternative modes of transport, decreasing waste and water use, and improving access to nature and local food. Often these projects support multiple Greenest City goals at once. For example, energy audits for rental buildings help move towards achieving the Green Buildings, Green Economy, Clean Water, and Lighter Footprint goals.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the entire community, Vancouver was named the 2013 Earth Hour Capital by the World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour City Challenge. This award recognizes the efforts of every resident, business, and community group that has taken action on a Greenest City initiative since our journey began in 2011.

The VEC and GCAP

With the over-riding goal to secure Vancouver’s international reputation as a mecca of green enterprise, the VEC’s specific GCAP targets are as follows:

  1. Double the number of green jobs over 2010 levels by 2020.
  2. Double the number of companies that are actively engaged in greening their operations over 2011 levels by 2020.

For more details on GCAP please see the city’s website.