for Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Sectors


BC’s tech industry has grown nearly 15% in the last two years to become one of the top five largest industries in BC. Research shows the sector has much more room to grow too. For that reason, strong action is needed to ensure the province’s technology talent pool keeps pace with the sector’s rising demand – predicted to increase by 30% over the next 10 years.

With that in mind, the Vancouver Economic Commission, with support from the province of British Columbia and other partners including BCTECH and the BC Innovation Council, engaged sector leaders to develop a comprehensive, industry-driven strategy and action plan.


Industry Recommendations for Growing Technology Talent

The recommendations are organized into three key areas: recruiting, retaining and educating talent. They address the need to continue building on the leading social and physical infrastructure that BC already has in place and acts as the foundation of a strong technology talent ecosystem.

The nine recommendations are:


  • Maximize the domestic workforce through effective outreach and removal of barriers to entry;
  • Launch coordinated national and global promotional campaigns;
  • Improve immigration policies and processes;


  • Facilitate easier integration into the sector and province for underrepresented groups and new immigrants;
  • Support industry in implementing more progressive HR practices;
  • Extend and leverage programs that retain quality foreign talent;


  • Expand practical learning and industry-related curriculum in K-12 schools;
  • Increase capacity, access and co-ops of postsecondary institutions;
  • Increase re-training and up-skilling programs.


The Value of Taking Action

The plan focused on preparing a diverse workforce for these jobs over the long-term, while helping companies meet the pressing need for top talent in the short-term. This will benefit BC’s employees and populations looking to build high-growth careers. It will sustain the growth and innovation of BC companies. It will also continue to fuel Vancouver’s economy – already the fastest growing in Canada, and a model for green business around the world.


Learn More

You can read the full recommendations for recruiting, education and retention, and about the need to sustain a strong ecosystem for actions to have a real impact. You can also download the full report.